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RPM PERFORMANCE Seat Leon Cupra 265 & 280 Resonator Delete:


Here at RPM Performance we can successfully manufacture Seat Leon Cupra 280 Resonator Deletes. These aren't like the normal resonator deletes on the market.

Made out of 304 stainless steel and professionally Tig welded and handmade in the United Kingdom!


How will it sound?

Easily remove the stock resonator on your Seat Leon Cupra 280 standard exhaust system to give extra performance and a sportier note without the need of an aftermarket back box.


When removing a standard resonator this is where you pay the difference between someone who just wants to give you a pipe and throw it on a car and a company who has designed a product to do a specific job, who have taken the time to do the research, development and testing to make the product the best it can be!



Comes free with the correct clamp.




Seat Leon Cupra 265 & 280 Resonator Res Delete

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