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Hyundai I20N 1.6T GDi 200CEL Downpipe


Introducing our Hyundai I20N 1.6T GDi 200CEL Sport Cat Downpipe, made out of stainless steel, professionally TIG welded and handmade in the UK!


  • No EML / CEL
  • Designed and manufactured in-house
  • T304L stainless steel construction
  • 76mm outlet
  • Brushed and de-burred piping
  • OEM-style fitment so you can easily revert back


Why change the downpipe?


To get the most out of a turbo charged engine you need to be changing the downpipe. By replacing the downpipe for our Sports Cat downpipe you are allowing the turbo to breath better as you've hugely improved the flow of the system. This effectively increases torque and bhp of the vehicle.


Why a RPM Performance downpipe?


We use an extremely high quality 200cel catalyst in our sports cat downpipes which gives you the benefits of performance and being road legal. We have also designed the downpipe to allow you to refit the standard heatshield. Our downpipe is fully T304 stainless steel and has no disruption to flow throughout. Fully tig welded to insure its built to last!


These are manufactured to order

Hyundai I20N 1.6T GDi 200CEL Sports Cat Downpipe

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