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Here at RPM Performance we can successfully 3D print our own Hyundai i30N air intake scoops. These aren't like other air intake scoops on the market. We have spent many of hours using CAD and CFD simulations to ensure maximum cold air to the air filter.


  • NO CUTTING NEEDED (when you remove the shroud)
  • Choice of red, black, blue or white front lips
  • Directs cool outside air to the air box/pod & engine bay
  • Gives Induction volume
  • Large design for max air flow
  • Suitable for any air intake setup
  • Includes intake scoop and fitting kit


Our air intake scoop directs forced cold air directly to the air box or air filter. This results in instant throttle response and maintains cool air at all times. The scoop allows a large volume of air to pass through giving a louder induction volume especially with the use of aftermarket air filters. Our intake scoop sits directly behind the grille for maximum air intake and comes in red or black to stand out if you wish.


The intake scoop comes in a 3D printed finish. NO Cutting is necessary as you can remove a shroud to fit this scoop. Alternatively you can cut the shroud if you wish.

Hyundai i30N Air Intake Scoop

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