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Introducing our NEWLY MANUFACTURED Hyundai I30N / VN / Kona N Flexi pipes, made out of stainless steel, professionally TIG welded and handmade in the UK!


Why change the Flexi?

The standard stock OEM flexi is deemed the most restrictive part of the exhaust system on the I30N as the bore diameter narrows to around 50mm. The RPM PERFORMANCE Hyundai I30n Flexi is a true 76mm (3”) throughout making you see gains of around 8-12bhp over the standard flexi. This product will match up nicely with a GPF delete and will be a high flowing exhaust system.


What will it sound like?

Turbo charged engines need to be able to breathe. By removing the stock Flexi for a RPM PERFORMANCE Flexi you are effectively increasing the flow so you will see a slight increase in power and a significant increase in sound, especially on overrun.


Will this throw up a (EML) Engine management light?




Our Flexi pipes are a direct bolt on replacement which require no cutting or welding. They are all supplied ready to fit with the correct bolts.


RPM PERFORMANCE Hyundai I30N / VN / Kona N Flexi Pipe GPF & Non GPF

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