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Here at RPM Performance we can successfully manufacture Hyundai I30N / VELOSTER N Short Shifter Adapters. These aren't like the other short shifters available.

Currently, all available short shift shifters for the I30N are found on the transmission end of the gear linkage. We have manufactured ours to replace the adapter on the shifter end of the gear linkage at the base of the OEM shifter. Therefore, the throw is reduced by 35% with virtually no increase in effort required to shift and so there is no increase in “notchyness” which is  often associated with short shifters located on the transmission end.


Made from 6061 aluminium with stainless steel fixings made in the United Kingdom!


  • 35% shorter throw
  • CNC machined to ensure perfect fitment
  •  No “notchyness”
  •  Black anodized for corrosion resistance

Hyundai I30N / VN Short Shifter Adapter

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