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Introducing our NEWLY MANUFACTURED Hyundai I20N 1.6T GDi Flexi pipes, made out of T304 stainless steel, professionally TIG welded and handmade by us in the UK!



  • 3″ diameter for maximum power and torque increase
  • T304 Stainless steel for longevity
  • Constructed with highest quality T304 ILOK flexi. (Other manufacturers use inferior cheaper flexi sections that shrink and restrict flow under load.)
  • Fits with the standard and aftermarket systems
  • Can be manufactured to prevent the EML / CEL light when fitted with our decat downpipe.




Why change the Flexi?

The standard stock OEM flexi is deemed the most restrictive part of the exhaust system on the I30N as the bore diameter narrows to around 50mm. The RPM PERFORMANCE Hyundai I20N Flexi is a true 76mm (3”) throughout making you see gains of around 6-8bhp over the standard flexi. By replacing the flexi pipe you are allowing the vehicle to breathe better as it has a free flowing design to reduce back pressure and in fact improves the throttle response. This is effectively why there is an increase of torque and bhp once fitted to the vehicle.



What will it sound like?

Video coming soon. But fitted with a GPF delete the “pops and bangs” are a lot crisper especially on overrun.


Will this throw up a (EML) Engine management light?

No, not at all.


There is even an option to prevent the EML from coming on if being fitted ONLY with a Decat. There is no EML when fitted with the standard oem downpipe therefore there is no need for the sensor tube.



Our Flexi pipes are a direct bolt on replacement which require no cutting or welding. They are all supplied ready to fit with the correct bolts.


RPM Performance Hyundai i20N 1.6T GDi Exhaust Flexi Pipe

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