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RPM PERFORMANCE Hyundai I30N Resonated GPF:


Here at RPM Performance we can successfully manufacture Hyundai I30N Resonated GPF'S. These aren't like the normal GPF Deletes on the market.

Made out of 304 stainless steel and professionally Tig welded and handmade in the United Kingdom!



What is a GPF?

A gasoline particulate filters (GPF) are an emission after treatment technology based on diesel particulate filters (DPF), developed to control particulate emissions from gasoline direct injection (GDI) engines.

It is also the most restrictive component of an exhaust. Our resonated GPF will increase the gas flow but not be as loud as our GPF delete.


What will it sound like?

Turbo charged engines need to be able to breathe. By removing the stock GPF for a RPM PERFORMANCE GPF Delete you are effectively increasing the flow so you should see a slight increase in power and a signification increase in sound, especially on overrun.


Will this throw up a (EML) Engine management light?



Unlike many others we have fitted a interal piece to control/overide the EML preventing it to come on.



Our resonated GPF'S are a direct bolt on replacement of the stock GPF and are 3" in diameter.

Please specify your make and model!


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