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At RPM Performance, we offer the Hyundai I30N & VN High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP).


This particular HPFP is compatible with both Pre-Facelift (PFL) and Facelift (FL) I30N models. It plays a crucial role when tuning your vehicle's performance for a power increase, especially when aiming for over 360bhp. The standard HPFP falls short in supplying the engine with sufficient fuel, and our upgraded HPFP addresses this limitation by featuring a larger piston and is modified to ensure increased fuel flow.


Our HPFP serves as a straightforward, direct bolt-on replacement, requiring absolutely no modifications to your vehicle for installation. In the event of a standard OEM HPFP failure, our replacement can seamlessly take its place without the need for additional software adjustments.


To assist you further, we provide a comprehensive installation guide along with the HPFP.

RPM Performance I30N HPFP High Pressure Fuel Pump

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