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VW Golf GTI MK7 / 7.5 "Anti Drone" Resonator Deletes!


Standard Gti , Performance, Clubsport and Clubsport S Variants!


Here at RPM Performance we can successfully manufacture Vw Golf R Mk7/MK7.5 Resonator Deletes. These aren't like the normal resonator deletes on the market.



Made out of 304 stainless steel and professionally Tig welded.


RPM performance resonator deletes are fitted with an helmholtz known as an "Anti Drone pipe" that removes the drone frequency throughout the rev range. This gives the car a sporty sound but doesn't get on your nerves.


Very minimal drone at 6th/7th gear at 80mph+


Suppiled with high quality clamps

VW Golf GTI Mk7 & 7.5 Centre Resonator Delete (Res Delete) Anti Drone

  • 1 week manufacturing time due to making these to order.

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