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RPM PERFORMANCE VW Golf GTI (Mk8) 2.0 TSI (20>) GPF Back Exhaust System



Here at RPM Performance we can successfully manufacture VW Golf GTI (Mk8) 2.0 TSI (20>) GPF Back Exhaust Systems. These aren't like the normal exhaust systems on the market.


Made out of 304 stainless steel and professionally Tig welded and handmade in the United Kingdom!



Our VW Golf GTI (Mk8) exhaust system is made in 3"/76mm pipework and fits from the GPF backwards. This exhaust system removes the rear silencer for the ultimate improvement in terms of exhaust tone and sound level whilst keeping the stock CAT and GPF in place.


The resonated option includes a centre silencer and has a subtle but sporty tone. This exhaust is also available as a non-resonated version which excludes the centre silencer, therefore making it the louder option. Both options have been carefully designed to ensure an easy installation.



Custom tips can be requested.


Will this throw up a (EML) Engine management light?



Please specify your make and model!

VW Golf GTI (Mk8) 2.0 TSI (20>) GPF Back Exhaust System

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